Not a Sprout in Sight

Brussels, Belgium: known for its Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolates, Belgian Frites (I tried to steer clear of Brussel Sprouts) and Mannekin Pis Brussels is cute and unconventional, but I am constantly confused by this city... What language do they speak? Why do people like Brussel sprouts? Why is their most famous landmark a 24 inch... Continue Reading →

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Eiffel in Love

Paris, France Ah Paris, always leaving me at a loss of words. My trips to Paris have always left me wanting more.. more macaroons, more nights watching the Eiffel tower light up, more baguettes and more breathtaking sights. Upon arriving in Paris, the first sight everyone is so desperate to see is obviously the Eiffel... Continue Reading →

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The Floating City

Going, Going GONDOLA! Venice, Italy seems like a magical place, like something out of a storybook. The cobblestone paths perfectly accompany the hundreds of canals. Literally, you cannot look in any direction without running into a canal. Its crazy to think of a city without cars, buses, subways, or trains, but alas, it exists. The... Continue Reading →

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The Budapest Days of my Life

Budapest, Hungary Where to begin... we could start at one of my favorite cities right in the heart of Hungary... Budapest! The streets of Budapest were lively as I arrived after a 14 hour bus ride. Budapest was much more quirky and crazy than I had imagined; the evening streets were filled with twinkly lights... Continue Reading →

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I Left My Heart

We all know that nothing comes close to the golden coast. While waiting for the California fog to lift may take longer than expected, the city is truly an exciting place. Hanging off the side of the classic trolly cable cars can be fun especially when it means that you don't have to walk up San... Continue Reading →

Still in Denial (Da-Nile)

Ah, the wonders of the world. Struggling through the desert heat is worth the magnificent artifacts that Egypt has to offer. Seeing the pyramid, sphinx and the Nile are Egypt's classic monuments- as they should be, because they are truly breathtaking. You feel small as the world's wonders tower over you. It seems incredible that... Continue Reading →

O man It’s Hot

In the desert heat people say all kinds of crazy things. Among the craziness that the heat waves cast upon its victims, I've heard statements that may seem ridiculous at first, but somehow end up being true: 'Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk' is one of these saying that I found to... Continue Reading →

Tis the Sea-son

Mosquitos, alligators and beaches galore! The funny thing about Florida is that it is both the hottest spring break AND retirement destination in the US. With the heat and beautiful beaches, there are so many perfect vacation spots in Florida.Whether you want a relaxing day to tan and read a good book or rent some equipment for... Continue Reading →

Top of the Mountains

Colorado Springs, Colorado The mountains of Colorado are breathtaking- literally! The altitude takes some adjusting, but the views are worth it. Whether the mountains are lush green or topped with snow, there are so many outdoor activities in Colorado. Staying at a cabin far into the mountains, I was able to get there by both... Continue Reading →

Eye Spy A Beautiful City

London, England I've been to London a few times and the city is always bustling. One of the first things I somehow always end up seeing is (of course) the London Eye. The world's tallest ferris wheel sits beautifully on the riverbank facing the Palace of Westminster. Just steps further you find Big Ben and... Continue Reading →

It’s Bean Fun, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the US. Stepping off the train I see the skyscrapers towering above me. There are so many fun things to do in the Windy City, from looking down the glass floors at the top of the Willis Tower to gazing at the city  from atop... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Rome

Rome, Italy There's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome... maybe if I say it enough I will miraculously appear back in Italy. Italy is one of my favorite places, partly because of the food; I might need to dedicate an entire post to Italian food. Upon arriving in Italy, my taxi driver... Continue Reading →

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